fix clip <> repair


could you explain the difference bet " fix clip and repair "

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pouvez vous m’expliquer la difference entre " fix clip et repai "

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I don’t think there is any difference between them and danger bells ring whenever anybody asks about them. Effect > Clip Fix is intended to repair an occasional audio peak that gets too loud for the digital channel. It “runs out of numbers” and just stops increasing in size even though the show gets louder. If you magnify overloaded blue waves they appear to have tops and bottoms neatly clipped off (Illustration). You can get Audacity to show you peak damage by turning on View > Show Clipping. Audacity will display red lines in the blue waves if any of the waves are overloaded or clipped.

Nobody can actually fix that.

Effect > Clip Fix attempts to rebuild clipped blue waves, but since all the musical sounds in the wave were destroyed, the tool can only guess what was once there. Clip Fix usually returns a sound that’s not as harsh or piercing as the original damage. People see that tool and want us to repair a show they shot at a rock concert on their cellphone. Half of the music is destroyed from throbbing overload and the blue waves are a forrest of red lines. Nobody can bring that back to life.


Do you mean the “Clip Fix” effect and the “Repair” effect?

“Clip Fix” is as described by Koz.

“Repair” can “smooth” short regions of the waveform that have clicks. This effect only works on very short selections, so you need to zoom in very close on the waveform to find the precise position of the click.
This image shows “before” and “after” a click has been repaired with the “Repair” effect:

See also the descriptions in the manual:

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