Fit to heght.

Dear specialists! How to make “Fit to heght” installed immediately upon file import. I don’t need an empty space under the path.

Another question is how to make sure that when importing a mono track, it is automatically duplicated and becomes a stereo track.

Audacity doesn’t do that automatically. If you want a mono track to be duplicated and the two tracks joined to become a “stereo” track, you have to do that yourself.

It would be nice. Mono tracks are not needed, there are other parameter values, in particular, normalization. You have to turn them into stereo. Automation would simplify the task of further editing.

there are other parameter values, in particular, normalization.

Normalization works fine in mono. What process doesn’t work for you? Did you get stuck with a stereo microphone interface recording in mono and reducing the volume by half (6dB)?


No, normalization works, but

  1. It is necessary to set the value twice as high as in stereo. For example, if in stereo it is -6 db, in mono it is -3 db.
  2. Does not work, for example Repair channel.
  3. Mono is not accepted on the site where I submit music.

If you have a load of mono files that you want to convert to stereo, you could write a Macro to batch convert them.

Alternatively, you could use a simple SoX script (
such as:

for f in *.wav; do   sox $f -c 2 ./converted/$f; done

(The above works on Unix type operating systems - it would require some modification for Windows.)