First time recording with Soundblaster fine, 2nd time no sound

I’m engaged in a project to digitize my venal. The system is built around a Yamaha HTR-3066 receiver. Audacity is 2.3.2 running on MacBook pro OS X 11.8 I started off with standard red and black analogue cabliing from the receiver to through the ear phone plug to the MacBook pro. This works well enough. The only draw back, is it produces -50 db noise on the recording. To reduce the noise, I connected a soundblaster sbx external sound card connected to the receiver with a tosling cable, and disconneted the ear phone cable. The first album worked as I hoped with no audible noise. But when I went to record the second album, no signal came through the sandblaster. I tried resetting the sound card, the computer and the receiver. Nothing worked. Suggestons are welcomed.