finding beats per minute

Is there a way to determine the beats per minute of a song section to set a click track to record by? I was looking at Beat Finder under Analysis. Thanks.

Beat Finder is not that accurate (and to be fair, automatic beat detection is not easy to do).

You can count how many beats there are in a given duration and work out Beats Per Minute (BPM) from that. For example, if you counted 24 beats in 15 seconds, multiply 24 by 4 = 96 BPM.

Otherwise I suggest playing the song in Audacity and tapping to the beat here


24 beats in 15 seconds is 96 bpm but where are you getting the 4 in your calculation?

to OP: the formula would be 60, divided by how many seconds, multiplied by the count of beats.
this works for finding BPM even when fractions of seconds are involved,
finding the BPM for a 6.437 second clip with 16 counts =

60 div 6.437 x 16 = 149.1377971104552 BPM
it’s important when you want to get beats to match perfectly, over time things can get out of sync

You are replying to an ancient topic, and Gale Andrews died last year.

15 seconds is 1/4 of a minute.