Find a audio clip in a file

Is there any way to find a small audio clip in a larger clip?
I have a 30 minute clip, I select a 3 second clip on the file and then it will show when else that clip is used. (Like Find in text files)

Is this possible?

No, because unlike matching the letter “A,” (ascii 65 in decimal), sound doesn’t have an identity stamp.

If you make an oboe player play their A several times, they will all be slightly different. Searching for something that might fuzzy match approximately this “A” tone is what you really want, and that’s an enormous amount of programming.

But wait, there’s more. If the original was an MP3, then the software needs to deal with MP3 distortion on top of everything else. The tone will change depending on whatever else is in the song.


Alright, thank you very much for letting me know.