Filter one track through another?

Not sure if the title is correct but I’m wondering if there’s a way to filter one track though another one. What I’m trying to do is create a voice for a talking planet. So I’m wondering if I can take lines I recorded, and filter them through nature sounds so that the voice would sound like it’s coming from the sounds of nature instead of just sounding like a normal voice. Weird request I’m sure, forgive me if the title isn’t at all what I’m looking for.

Oddly enough, there might be.

Effect > Vocoder works on a stereo (two blue waves) track and makes the character of one wave affect the other. I’m looking this up right this second.

There’s a number of different ways you can do a character without filtering or effects. Get close to the microphone, talk really quietly and use an affectation or accent for example.

You can use plain vanilla effects such as Effect > Change Pitch and pretend the geranium is a soprano. Effects such as this one have sound damage and you can build that into the plot.



If any of these effects are too much. Mix straight voice with the effected voice as needed.


That’s definitely interesting. I wonder if there’s a way to supplement the generic white noise with a project track. Or to import a track in place of white noise…

IMO the free “TalkBox” vocoder plug-in is more intelligible than Audacity’s native vocoder.

The vocoder effect does not use white noise.

Output choice

Both channels: The modulated vocoder output signal is duplicated into both stereo channels. This is most convenient when fine-adjusting the vocoder output using headphones.
Right only: The modulated vocoder output signal appears only in the right channel, while the left channel still contains the unmodified modulator signal. This is useful when applying a mono modulator to a stereo carrier, since the modulator can be reused when processing the right channel of the carrier.