Filter Curve Keeps Crashing

I am using the latest version of Audacity (3.0.2) on Windows 10 Professional and was using Filter Curve to remove some metallic sounds from an several audio tracks. I found the perfect EQ and it worked for the first 2 and then started to crash every time I applied it to other tracks. After reading several posts in this forum, I tried selecting all the tracks and Resampling (and even uninstalled/reinstalled Audacity) but it’s still crashing. Does anyone have any suggestions? I’m kinda stuck until I can figure this out.

How strange.

Perhaps you could try exporting a track as a WAV file, then close and relaunch Audacity, import the WAV file, and see if the EQ will apply.

I was trying to edit a podcast that had multiple tracks in it. When I opened a new project and just imported one file to apply the EQ to at a time, it worked fine. Seems like I’m back in business. Thanks!