Filter background noise during a video call?

I wanted to know if I can use Audacity to filter background noise during a video call. Is it possible?

Thank you in advance.

Audacity is a post production editor. It doesn’t do anything in real time except its event timer.


What sort of background noise are you talking about? Most communication systems already heavily process their voices to work at all. If you pile a third party noise reduction system on top of that, I’m guessing you’re going to produce hollow, wine-glass, milk-jug trash.

This is also why it is recommended that multi-point podcasts talk to each other on-line for timing, but record each local microphone in super high quality with little or no processing. Shuffle sound files later.

That isn’t remotely real-time, but the quality can be enormously better than recording the conference.

Noise Reduction systems tend to not work with “noise” that moves. Nobody can take out a cat, dog, or TV set in the background of a recording, other than possibly second-by-second manual editing.

Do you have control of the far end? There are some fancy-pants microphones that do pretty well.