Files will not play in FLStudio 20

I’m on Windows 10 Home ver 1903, using Audacity 2.4.2 and FL Studio 20. When I export a wav, I can play it in WMP, Itunes, etc, but when I attempt to load the file into FL Studio, I am met with a blank waveform (though no error messages). Clicking on the file in the preview pane gives me a loading message that doesn’t resolve with the file actually previewing. Like I said, everything else I have will play it. The files are in the samples folder so it’s not an accessibility issue (all other files in the same folder work normally), so I’m unsure what to do to make them work.

This is an 8 second stereo sound test. Does that open?


Yeah, that loads, plays and functions perfectly.

Right-Click, Control+Click, or Control+Tap that file > Get INFO.

It should look something like this.

Screen Shot 2020-08-15 at 7.48.00 PM.png
Pay attention to the More Info.

Now right-click one of your files.

How long are your shows?


Looks like it’s 12 seconds long, with a bitrate of 5644kbps.

I went right off the end of the pier. You’re on Windows and you said so.

There is a program called Media Info that you used to have to install on your machine to tell you about your sound files. They have a new version which you can use on-line.

I am still betting you don’t have normal WAV files.