Files not compressing with 3.4 update

I’ve been editing two separate files today. One was originally edited using 3.3.3 and the other file I opened new today with the brand new 3.4 update.
Suddenly my files aren’t compressing.
I “save”, “close” and see the dialog box come up showing it is supposedly compressing but both files got huge instead of smaller .

Is there a setting change im missing??

What are you trying to accomplish? And How are you trying to do that ?

When you Effect > Compress and Audio file, the amount of data (or the size of the file) remains the same. What happens is that soft passages are made louder so that it can be heard in a noisy environment.

If you want to compress audio so it takes up less disk space you could, for example, export as MP3 which might take only 10% the amount of space as WAV.

Thanks for weighing in. Prior to the new version, each time I saved and then CLOSED (not exit), it would compress my file. I could go from 1 Gb file down to 400mb by the time I was done editing. Very helpful! Now, I save, close and exit and my edits are cumulative, so the file just gets bigger. Yes, I do export to MP3 to upload to Podbean, but i REALLY miss the spontaneous size reductions as I edit as my laptop just has a heck of a time with 1Gb files.

Mine, too.

So I just opened 3.4.0, Generated a 90-minute chirp, saved as a new project, and closed. This new project occupied 1.025GB.

I then reopened the project, did Ctrl+A (Select All), and Effect > Amplify (x2). Then I saved again and closed (which compacted the projected). The resulting edited project took 1.025GB. (No change).

What version are you upgrading from?

Note that beginning with “smart clip” introduction (3.1.0?), clips that are reduced in size can later be re-expanded. This overhead is reflected in the overall size of the project, even after compaction.

To release this unused space, do Ctrl+A (Select All), Ctrl+C (Copy), Ctrl+N (New Project), then Ctrl+V (Paste). When prompted, choose paste “selected audio only”. And save the new project.

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