Files are Mono when exported.

I record audio files in stereo and when I export them to my folder a message pops up telling me it will become mono once exported. This just happened and has never happened before

What exactly does the message say?

It says: “Your tracks will be mixed down to a single mono channel in the exported file”

It’s hard to see how you are getting that message unless all your unmuted tracks are mono, or unless you have only selected mono tracks and you used File > Export Selection.

If you need more help could you please attach an image of a layout with stereo tracks that produces the warning about mono mixdown. Please see here for how to attach files: .


Same problem is happening for me also.

From what I can see of your project, that is normal. All of the tracks in the project are mono and centre panned. In other words, it is a mono project, so it will be exported as a mono audio file.
Note that mono files are widely used - most podcasts are mono, almost all commercial audio books are mono, and a lot of YouTube videos are mono.

What should i do for making it as multichannel wav file?

Enable the advanced mixing option in Preferences. It is called “Use custom mix”
See these links: