File size doubles after limiting

I am working with .wav (32-bit float) files in Audacity. I noticed that after I apply hard limiting, then save the file again in same format, the file size (Windows 7) just about doubles. Is this normal in order to keep the file lossless?



What format?

the wav 32-bit float format.

32-bit float WAV is an unusual format. Are you sure that your original files are 32-bit float?
Audacity converts most file types to 32-bit float on import, which is great while editing / processing, but rather OTT for the final export (and may not play in some applications). I’d recommend exporting as 16-bit WAV unless you have a compelling reason not to.

No, the files are 16 bit as ripped from the CD’s. I used 32 bit float only because I wasn’t thinking. I had been working with mp3 files, then decided to re-rip my cd’s so I would have the original uncompressed file to work with. I guess I went a bit overboard going from mp3 to 32 bit. The 16 bit windows pcm is fine for everything I am doing.