File not opening

I was working on a file that took a couple of attempts to save.

After saving and closing the file, when I came back to it Audacity is not opening the project (.aup)

I am being shown a window that says “error importing” and tells me to use the File>Open command, although this is what I am doing.

Can anyone help?

This thread may prove to illuminate your issue:

a file that took a couple of attempts to save.

What happened when you tried? Did you get any messages?

Are you working entirely on your C:\ internal drive? How large and complicated is the show? What’s the possibility it won’t fit?

Which version of Audacity are you using? I like 2.4.2 for the legacy versions.

The down side to that is none of Jademan’s rescue tools work on versions 2 or earlier.

Do you have backup sound files or raw recordings so you can create the show again if you needed to?


Fair warning if the show or parts of it do come back, Do Not try to continue with the edit. Projects become brittle after a failure and are prone to failing again. Select each track and File > Export > Export Selected Audio as WAV files and start over.

There is an odder technique of opening up two Audacity windows and Copy/Paste the pieces to a fresh window. You can try that after you export your work as WAV files.


I’m using version 3.1.3.

Unfortunately, none of Jademan’s suggestions worked for me.

I’m working from an external hard drive but have never had this issue before, it’s a relatively simple project, just 3 tracks of voice recordings.

I still have the raw files so might just start again. 3 hours of my life wasted I guess!

This is why users are asked to post their audacity versions when they make a post.

I’m confused. If you have an .aup file, you are using 2.4.2 or prior, and my previous comments should be valid.

If you have 3.1.3 (3.0 and up) you will have an .aup3 file. If this is the case, zip up your .aup3 file and upload it to a public file sharing service, post (or PM me) a link; I’ll take a look at it.

And for today ONLY, I’ll extend the offer to your .aup file. Zip it up, etc.