File Fragments

in the proceess of Editing multiple tracks in Audacty and Ableton I decided that It might be a good idea to move all finished but not exported files into one folder for convenience. I moved a file form Audacity into a file and was there after unable to retrieve that file as a whole audio track in audacity.
but individual sound fragments remained in the form of 6 sec audio clips.
Is there anyway to put these files back together without piecing them together 6 secs at a time? and if not is there some logic to the sequence numbers of each audio track? the sequence of numbers don’t seem to correlate in any way to the order of the clips they all have number/letter designations such as e0000cc and are located in seperate folders labeled d01 and d00.

Is there any way you can put everything back where it was?

You are looking at an Audacity Project _DATA folder. It’s intended to work with an associated AUP file to reconstruct your show. We’re hoping you still have your AUP file. The AUP file and the associated _DATA folder need to be in the same location or folder for the show to open. It should be possible to double click an AUP file and Audacity will take it from there.

Only Audacity is supposed to manage those little au files. Don’t move, rename or change any of them.