FG-X Slate digital mastering console iLok - Help!


I might be being really stupid but I’ve installed, unistalled, installed and the mac version of audacity directly off the audacity website and every time instead of audacity opening, a window opens asking me to authorize the version of FG-X Mastering Console comes up.

I enter in my details and it says no iLok can be found, and this has happened every time I’ve tried to use Audacity which I thought was free.

Is there anyone out there who can explain what on earth is going on?


Audacity is free, but “FG-X Mastering Console” (whatever that is) is clearly not free. You will need to either uninstall that, or tell Audacity not to try loading it. Do you have any idea what FG-X Mastering Console is or where it has come from? (It’s some sort of plug-in and it is not part of Audacity).

If you have not found it yet, it will be in one of these four locations:



~/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components (user plug-ins)

/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components (system-wide plug-ins)

The “~/Library” is Macintosh HD//Library. Later Mac OS X hides it so use Go > Go to Folder in Finder to get in there.