Ffmpeg not working even tho audacity is detecting it?

So I have installed ffmpeg librarys, audacity detects it in preferences. Although when I try to import a file I recorded from OBS, it just keeps giving me the same “This is an advanced coding file. Without the optional ffmpeg libraries, audacity cannot open” error.

I have followed installation the steps to a T, I also tried reinstalling both ffmpeg and audacity but no dice…

I just wanna be able to edit my recording audioooo

Try downloading one of these sample AC3 files. If your FFmpeg is working it should open.

I don’t know what kind of files OBS makes, it might give you a choice.

But you can check the format with MediaInfoOnline.

I will try it! My video files from obs are .mp4… But what is strange is I can load .mp4 files from nvidia shadowplay captures, the problem there is there is only 1 audio channel, i am using obs so I can record seperate audio tracks for gameplay, media, and microphone/chat.

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