Ffmpeg library version

I was using a much older version of Audacity and decided to update. I also decided to update the ffmpeg add-on at the same time. After going to edit > preferences and pointing audacity in the direction of the new ffmpeg folder containing the updated av.dll file, I noticed that “ffmpeg library version” remained the same. I switched back to the old file and then back to the new one to double check. Does this mean the change isn’t taking place or should that value in audacity settings remain the same regardless of what version of ffmpeg you’re using? If I go to locate, it’s set to the new file.

The value shows the FFmpeg library versions of avformat (F), avcodec (C) and avutil (U). The previous version of FFmpeg for Audacity was FFmpeg 2.2.2/F(55…), the current FFmpeg for Audacity is FFmpeg 5/F(59…). The very latest version of FFmpeg, version 7 (F61…) is not supported yet and if you attempt to load it, it’ll silently revert back to the last one that worked.

So it looks like the values are correct for the latest version 59 etc.

The strange thing is if I set it to 2.2.2 (the version I was using before) it still says 59. That’s what was confusing me, even though the dll files in the 2.2.2 folder have 55 in the name.

It’s possible that Audacity is still referencing the old version of ffmpeg despite pointing it to the new folder. Verify that the new av.dll file is correctly placed and try restarting Audacity.