FFMPEG for Portable Installation (was Recording from iTunes)

Hi. I am using a portable version of 3.1.3. So, can I install the ffmpeg library in this version? Which package should I use? Are these packages up to date?

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I don’t use the Portable installation or FFMPEG much, but see here for Portable Settings: Preferences - Audacity Manual

Since 3.1.3 is 64-bit by default, you will need 64-bit FFMPEG here: https://lame.buanzo.org/ffmpeg64audacity.php. You can specify in your portable Edit > Preferences > Libraries where it is located.

Thanx. I don’t know which folder to download at https://lame.buanzo.org/ffmpeg64audacity.php

I downloaded the 64 bit Installer. I placed it in my Audacity Portable folder, but should I make a new folder there before I run it?

Again, I don’t use the Portable installation or FFMPEG much, but as no one else has offered…

If you plan to place it in your Portable folder, use the zip file, that gives you full control over what you are doing. The advantages of Installer are that it automatically selects and creates the proper folder (in C:\Program Files), and provides an uninstaller and registration for the uninstaller to work. Otherwise they are exactly the same.

Yes. That is a good idea in general, and specifically in this case as both Audacity and FFMPEG have a zlib1 DLL.

Note that if you do not plan to use the portable folder on other machines, you could just keep the one copy in C:\Program Files. just sayin’

I plan to use the portable version on other machines. I don’t know what to name the folder. Is there anything else to do? I make the folder, place the zip files, but do not unzip them? Is there a clear step by step for this?

I placed this in my portable folder:

Now what?

I ran ther instaler and now the m4a files load, so I guess I’m OK. I don’t know where it put the files though. I’ll try running it on a different machine.

So I’m glad you got that working.

Which files ?