FFmpeg certificate expired?

OSX 10.11.2, Audacity 2.1.1 (if relevant)

I’m trying to install the FFmpeg library from DMG according to the instructions. I downloaded from http://lame.buanzo.org/#lameosxdl, opened the dmg, then tried to open the package. It informs me the package certificate expired Sep 10, 2015… Is this expected? Are FFmpeg questions OK here?

Questions related to use of FFmpeg in Audacity are OK.

This was supposed to have been addressed a while ago with an updated DMG, but I see the same as you. I have cleared my downloads list in Firefox before downloading. I will ask Buanzo and post back, but Paul Livesey is known to us and trusted so you are perfectly safe to install that package.


Thanks! After a bit of thought, I installed the zip (don’t have to su & chmod after installation as after the LAME dmg), but because the dmg and zip had the same date I was concerned they might have both been hacked. Plus, I appreciate it when people report anomalies with my software.

It’s working now: I can read and write m4a.

Paul only had Lion running a more recent OS X as a virtual machine when he last attempted to update the certificate. El Capitan may not find such a certificate acceptable.

He is going to try to update the certificate on a real El Capitan machine.