Fender mustang amp is connected to audacity but wont record

Hello! I have a Fender mustang amp that i want to use to record guitar onto my computer. Audacity says that it is using my amp as a recording device but when i hit the recording button, it does not pick up any sound from my amp. What am i doing wrong?

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OK. That works. Do you have Audacity device menu bar set for mono? It’s possible the Fender mounts stereo, but a good way to make your instrument vanish is to pick the wrong one.

Did you get a software package or drivers with the Fender? Did they say Windows 10 anywhere? Windows 10 takes custom software and drivers. Older software might work…

Dig down in the Windows control panels and see if they can find your sound. Audacity gets the sound from Windows, not the Fender.

I’d be tempted to just plug it all up and see what happens. Is that what you did?


I can’t find it in the instructions, but the Fender almost has to have a volume control for the USB. Can you find it and is it turned up?


i have
tried everything.

I have a Fender mustang amp

Did you get it Previously Owned? Do you know why the old owner sold it?

The usual problem with USB in these conditions is the USB isn’t sound. It’s MIDI, but the instructions insist it’s sound.

I got nothing. We can wait for another elf.


Using windows 10

Audacity is NOT picking up my Fender mustang amp…and yes, I installed the ASIO driver!

Audacity does not support ASIO.
Does the Fender mustang amp “require” ASIO? If so, then you will need to record with an app that supports ASIO.