Feedback when trying to record

Hi, newbie Dave here … apologies jumping this topic, but I can´t work out where else to go to post a new query!

I´m trying to fix the problem of crossover feedback from mic/speakers when trying to record - to me its an odd problem, in monitoring mode both mic AND speaker tracks run > causing echo … I´ve tried adjusting both sliders but the problem persists … is it I haven ´t quite adjusted both to ´harmony´ or something more fundamental going on? … to me, its the latter as I cant understand why monitor/record mode would be giving me interaction with Speaker/playback track …

Any advice gratefully received - I want to record something in half an hour!!


For future reference, to start a new top, go to the Windows board and click the “New Topic” button.

When recording with a microphone, use headphones and not speakers. You don’t want the microphone to pick up sound from the speakers.

Ensure that “Software Playthrough” is off (not selected) in “Transport menu > Transport options”.

In the Windows Sound settings, open the “Recording” tab and open the “Properties” for the recording device that you are using. Ensure that “Listen to this device” is not selected (not enabled).