Feedback on laptop [SOLVED]

I have Audacity 2.0.5, with a Windows 7 laptop. How in the WORLD do I get the echo out of my sound? I’m using a simple Plantronics headset with the mic plug into the “mic in” on the lap. I’ve got an external speaker setup, and the lid of my laptop closed, and an external flatscreen monitor.

  1. Don’t use speakers when using a microphone. The mic will pick up sound from the speakers. Use headphones instead.

  2. In the Transport menu, ensure that “Software playthrough” is off (not selected).

This was a test podcast setup. I was using a tiny headset microphone that you can’t see very well and the headphones you see in front of the mixer.

No speakers.


Also ensure in the third (input) box of Audacity Device Toolbar that you are choosing the external microphone input.


Thank you very, very much. I should have known that! Now I can press on. Regards, John Kenny