Feedback During Recording.... Session today. HELP PLEASE!

I have an m-audio fast track medium that I use to get sound into the computer which plugs into the usb port. The problem is that I think that the built in microphone that my laptop has is creating a feedback loop. I can’t seem to figure out how to disable the internal microphone. I tried everything I can think of and I have a session later on today. If anyone can help me out with this I can’t offer any monetary compensation but I can give you some pretty sweet drum kits to add to your sound library. Please HELP! I thank you ahead of time for your help and I will send whoever helps me SOLVE THE PROBLEM the kits via


If you like to record internet audio, you might be set to record from Mix-Out, Wav-Out or What-U-Hear instead of the USB device. That’s a mistake and can cause a feedback loop. Reset in the Device Toolbar. You can also get that if you have Audacity Preferences set to Playthrough and the microphone is turned up in Windows Sound Setup. You might be able to cure that one with headphones as a desperation move.


I have the playthrough option de-selcted already I just can’t seem to disable the internal mic. I should have mentioned what type of computer my laptop is beforehand… It’s the beats audio laptop HP Pavilion dv7 4272us with windows 7 64bit. I apologize for that. I still get the feedback even with the headphones plugged in but thanks.

Actually, you should mention what’s plugged into the FastTrack. How are you using it? Does it still feed back if you unplug whatever’s going into the FastTrack?

Is it really feedback, howling or squealing? Post two or three seconds on the forum.

Do you get both red and green sound meters on Audacity when it’s feeding back?

Do you know exactly where your microphone is on the laptop? If you force Audacity to record from the built-in microphone, does that work? can you scratch around the laptop with your fingernail and find the mic? It will get enormously louder when you hit it. My microphone is under the grill by my left wrist. The one before was to the left of the screen.


Audacity > Preferences > Recording > [ ] Playthrough (deselect).

Plug your headphones into the FastTrack, not the computer. Make sure the red Audacity recording meter (alone) never goes all the way to the right and the blue waves never hit top and bottom.


I don’t have the right jack for that at the moment… What’s your email address bro? I want to send you something for all your help.

The best thing you can do for us is write back and tell us the shoot went OK.