Feedback and Suggestion for Enhanced AI Features in Audacity

I want to express my appreciation for the powerful and versatile audio editing software that Audacity offers. However, I believe that integrating AI features can take Audacity to new heights and greatly benefit its users.

After exploring Cleanvoice, an AI-powered audio editing tool, I am excited about the potential of incorporating similar functionalities into Audacity. The features offered by, such as filler word removal, stutter removal, mouth sound removal, and background noise reduction, can significantly enhance the editing experience within Audacity.

Here’s a detailed outline of how the integration could look:

  • Introduce an “Enhancements” menu or panel within Audacity to house AI-powered features.

  • Provide options for filler word removal, stutter removal, mouth sound removal, and background noise reduction within the “Enhancements” menu.

  • Allow users to customize the settings for each feature, providing flexibility in the level of enhancement.

  • Seamlessly integrate AI-based enhancements with Audacity’s existing editing tools, creating a comprehensive audio editing experience.

  • Consider visual indicators to highlight detected artifacts and areas where enhancements have been applied.

  • Explore integration with Cleanvoice web-based interface for advanced customization and fine-tuning of AI-based enhancements.

  • Ensure compatibility and easy integration with Audacity’s existing features like equalization, filtering, and effects.

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Thanks for letting me know. Isn’t this forum for submitting feedback for Audacity?

A problem of AI based anything is that models are huge and slow. You can try some models via Audacity | Interactive Audio Lab

Shipping these with Audacity is out of the question, it’d increase Audacity’s program size from some 20MB to multiple GB, but we should stabilize and better publicise the above project.

I understand what you’re saying. Having Ai incorporated into Audacity saves hours of manual editing.