Fedora 20 xfce audacity-freeworld conflicts with audacity-2.

I’m using fedora 20 xfce, while I’m installing the group sound and video, i met this conflict:

Erreurs lors de la résolution des dépendances :   audacity-freeworld conflicts with audacity-2.0.5-2.fc20.i686

I used some instrutions to resolve this conflict:

yum remove audacity
yum install audacity-freeworld


yum remove audacity-freeworld



I also remove all the group sound and video to try to reinstall it again, nothing change.

What is the difference between audacity-freeworld conflicts and audacity-2.0.5-2.fc20.i686?

The difference between the “freeworld” version and the “regular” fedora version is the way that the packages have been built.

Note that the Audacity development team do not build binaries (the compiled program) for Linux. The Audacity team provide the Audacity sourcecode and the distribution (or PPA) maintainers then package it for their operating system.

The “regular” fedora version of Audacity is built without support for the optional Lame and FFmpeg packages. Lame and FFmpeg allow Audacity to import / export additional file types such as WMA, AC3 and AAC. Lame and FFmpeg may contain code that is subject to patent and/or other licensing issues in some countries.

For support regarding fedora packages you would probably be better to ask the fedora community / maintainers.