feature suggestion

hi i have had an idea id love to add to audacity which is it would be great to be able create password protected audio recordings and files for a number of different reasons
if i could do that it would be totally amazing it would make things a lot better for some things i do
yeah it was just an idea which would be totally awesome if it could be added
I d also like to say a big thank you to audacity ive used it a great deal for a very long and still do its ones of the pieces of audio software on the net in my view
in my dreams i could tinker with the code and also my operating system sadly im not that amazing at tech and coding else id have created my own system
and thats why i wanted to reach out and suggest my idea plus just say thanks you guys are awesome :smiley:
many thanks
mp3tomicrosd also know as m3mory

As far as I’m aware, “password protected audio files” don’t exist.

There is “DRM” audio (see: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Digital_rights_management)
I think it’s highly unlikely that Audacity will ever support DRM as it usually involves proprietary technology and in some ways runs contrary to the “open source” ethos on which Audacity is founded (see: What is open source? | Opensource.com).

One option to password protect files is to create a password protected “ZIP” file. This method can be used with most types of file, not just audio files.

Password protected ZIP files can be created with “7Zip” (available here: https://www.7-zip.org/)