Feature request: use explorer.exe

(not to be confused with internet explorer, I’m referring to window’s file navagation). Refer to the images below:
Does audacity have an option to make use of “use new style dialog” (named after here: https://github.com/notepad-plus-plus/notepad-plus-plus/issues/5889 )

If this is for importing audio files, you can drag and drop audio files from File Explorer into an Audacity project.

Some people don’t really like opening the folder program and doing that when they could just do that on the program’s file → Open/Save. I mean, even notepad++ lets you change that if you don’t like the program’s default file navigation tool. I would like the navagation tool to apply to all “opens”/“load” and “saves”.

If audacity community team does not like this, maybe do what gimp did? https://user-images.githubusercontent.com/13095760/60737449-d4404200-9f28-11e9-99f1-534271fdb4f4.png

At least let the user enter the path in the address bar to instantly jump to a location.

Because Audacity is a cross-platform program, it uses a cross-platform toolkit (wxWidgets) to create platform specific controls (such as the file browser). I doubt that the Audacity developers will want to write a custom file dialog for Windows, given that the file dialogs created by wxWidgets work perfectly well on Windows, Mac and Linux. To get the enhancement that you’re asking for, you could try to persuade the wxWidgets developers to implement it, then if they do, Audacity would get the enhancement.

Audacity has its own implementation of the file dialog, which is a customized version wxWidgets’s wxFileDialog. And while wxWidgets does use the new Common Item Dialog when selecting directories (with wxDirDialog), for some reason it always uses the classic “Common File Dialog” for files (wxFileDialog).

To see this, go to Preferences and click “Choose…” for the Temporary Files Directory. The newer Common Item Dialog should appear.

To get the new dialog for files, the implementation in Audacity lib-src/FileDialog/win/FileDialogPrivate.* would need to be changed to use Common Item Dialog. Given that one can probably copy most of that from wxWidget’s wxDirDialog, it should not be all that much work. However, one should probably first figure out why the wxWidgets implementation of wxFileDialog does not use the new Common Item Dialog (there might be a more compelling reason than, “nobody submitted a patch”). It might also be worthwhile to see if the upstream wxWidgets wxFileDialog is now extensible enough that Audacity doesn’t need its own implementation.

I was looking for a possible fix for this, damn
They really should update save file dialog to use Common Item Dialog instead
it becomes really grating when you need to jump between many directories and hard drives :frowning:

Seconding this request. The current file exporter’s inability to copy/paste directories is very inconvenient, leading to me just rendering into whatever folder is open, then going there and moving the files in Explorer later.

Though at least it’s not GIMP’s god awful implementation, which is super slow for folders with lots of files. Please never, ever do what they did.

This is being worked on right now:

This was perhaps surprisingly not an easy change as the modern file explorer isn’t actually available to third party programs (including Audacity) to modify for things like bitrate settings. The solution we came to here instead uses an unmodified file explorer for the path and a different dialog for bitrate, sample rate and other things.