Feature Request: More flexible formats for Import Labels

Recently returned to using Audacity after a looong absence - was using V1.18 and just upgraded to 3.4.2.

I wanted to import labels that were in “HH:MM:SS - Label format” and discovered that I had to convert it to “SSSS.ss SSSS.ssLabel” to get the import to work. Granted, I got the result I wanted after a bit of trial/error and pfaffing around, but I couldn’t help thinking - there has to be an easier way.

I wondered if there is any support for having a more flexible label import routine that might allow time in hh:mm:ss format, use separators other than , allow seconds with 1,234.56 format, and allow a single time input for a simple fixed point label.

A manual entry for file formats might be a useful reference - I ended up having to export a file to figure out what it needed to go in.

Other than that, I’m delighted to see the progress that’s been made since I was using V1.18 and commend all the hard working folk that have contributed to this great project.

In 3.5, the ability to import SRT was added. Those are in the format:

00:02:16,612 --> 00:02:19,376
label text

Maybe that helps you already.

Great to se that this issue has been looked at. The SRT format is not useful to me in this situation.