[Feature] Configuration VST plugins directory


Would it be possible to add configuration to list, add, delete and modify directories, where are stored VST plugins.
I have a dedicated drive (not C) on my computer (with windows) for music stuff and where most of VSTs are installed.

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YES! would be a great addition if the user could nominate where VST’S-VST3 are stored. And Audacity could find them, even if they are in the same folder together anywhere. Thanks for all your hard work Audacity team. Regard’s, Joseph.

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+1 on this…I found this thread because I was trying to figure out how to set the VST folder. I’m also trying to figure out if Audacity supports VST2 in realtime. My challenge is that the plugin I really want to use here (Steven Slate Audio VSX for mix room virtualization) is only a VST2, not a VST3. And Audacity is only picking up the VST3 folder.

Just a small update on this; this feature got implemented but barely didn’t make the cut for 3.5. It’ll get added in 3.6 instead.