Fast Forward/ Rewind when editing

I am copying a record into a digital format. As I listen to the recording I hear a pop or crackle and I stop the track and select the section of the track containing the unwanted sound. Then I use the zoom tool to enlarge the track so I can see exactly where the sounds I want to delete are located. I select those exact sounds and delete them. Everything is going great so far. Then I want to back up the track several seconds so I can play what I’ve just done within the context of the music and hear how my editing sounds. I can’t figure out how to do this. I know how to go back to the start of the track but if I’m several minutes into editing a track that seems to be a waste of time. Is there a feature (maybe known by a different name?) that will allow me to “rewind” or “fast forward” the track I am editing to a place of my choosing?

There are several shortcuts available.
(I assume that you already know that you can click on a track when stopped to set the play position)

To get the full set of shortcuts, set the keyboard shortcuts default to “Full”
The full set of keyboard shortcuts are listed here:

A few relevant shortcuts:

  • Shift + Mouse wheel (scroll waveform left / right)
  • “,” (comma) and “.” (dot) = short jump left / right
  • Shift + “,” (comma) and “.” (dot) = long jump left / right
  • “J” = Jump to start of track
  • “K” = jump to end of track
  • “Home” = Jump to start of project
  • “End” = Jump to end of project

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