Fan noise

I am a podcaster on this site [Advertising is not permitted] for Spanish students and am getting fan noise from my laptop on the recordings. My mic is a USB headset - “audio technica”
I’d want to remove that uncomfortable fan noise–any suggestions?

Thanks for any advice.


Noise reduction.
Bear in mind, unlike other effects, Noise Reduction is a 2-step process:
Step #1. You have to select a noise profile, in your case that’s audio of the fan noise only, (without speech).

Drag-select some pure, clean noise (no voice) and Effect > Noise Reduction > Profile.

Then select the show or a larger portion of the production and Effect > Noise Reduction > Default Values > OK. Listen to the work.

However. Unless your laptop is screaming at you, there’s a super high possibility you’re recording your laptop microphone and not your headset. Or both. Find out where your laptop microphone is. Mine is just left of the left-hand shift key. Start a recording > scratch each microphone announcing as you go. “This is the headset [scritch].” “This is the laptop [scritch].”

If you use Skype, Zoom or other chat application, then there is an excellent chance your microphone settings are not where you left them. I personally had Skype decide to quietly reassign my microphone.

If you settle that and it’s still too noisy, you can record a form test and post it here. Not all noise problems lend themselves to Noise Reduction. Read down the blue links. They’re really short.


Thank you guys!