Fake Double Tracking with Pan and Time Shift

OK So I am trying to this trick instead of recording my vocal multi times.

Pan and Time Shift

Duplicate the vocal track twice and pan the two new copies hard left and right.
Shift one of the tracks – 10 to – 20 ms and the other track + 10 to + 20 ms.
Make sure you listen in mono and experiment with the time shift until you find a sweet spot where it sounds good in mono but still adds something in stereo.

Now, pitch shift one of the tracks – 7 cents (again, experiment with the amount) and the other track + 7 cents. Turn down the two duplicates a few dB and keep the original take panned center.
This will thicken the sound and make it sound more processed. This is an easy way to do a fake double but it is a static sounding double.

OK SO NOW , How Can I do this with AUDACITY ? is their a free plug in somewhere I can find that would make that TIME SHIFT Part easier ?

I was trying to use the Time Shift that’s in the tool part but it does not give me how far forward or back I pushed the tracks on the timeline.

This Plugin may make this easier too actually , but yeah what other advice for this ?



What you’re doing sounds similar to chorus plug-in, e.g. Chorus Effect

Yup I tried that before , but then again I did not have the sense to pan the original and then the chorus verison of it apart each other lol.

Dual tape decks is another Nyquist plug-in somewhat similar to ADT.

OK YES , that Multi Voice Chorus , I think that’s totally referring to giving your guitar Multi Voice Chorus Sounds LOL.

DOWNLOAD Link is not working ?

Download link works fine for me. Here it is:
dualtapedecks.ny (1.25 KB)

ok cool thanks this is sounding like what I need.

this video right here is what I am trying to do with my next project

Acon Multiply VST plugin (free) works in Audacity on Windows.
It has the advantage over Nyquist plug-ins in that you can adjust the parameters in real-time.


Cool looks like ACON is my Ticket To Ride.

Download of it is here if anyone else wants it.


Wherever possible get software direct from the manufacturer …

as third-party sources could add malware.

( I don’t think vst4free have the right to redistribute ).

Yeah totally after I get more cash LOL.

The rest of my plugins I bought from WAVES , Very Good Stuff.

Yeah you never know when the link I gave will vanish or something.

Yup sounds like the PRESET of the ULTRA THICK Setting is getting me right in the ball park of what I been thinking of.