Faint white noise removal

Hi guys,

I am pretty new to such tech stuff, including Audacity, but I would like to know if removing a faint white noise from an mp4 video is possible or not?

The video track is originally noiseless, but there is a faint white noise/hiss in the background.

The video has then already been denoised (using VLC), and the audio track I added in with a video editor and stitched them up. If I did not add any music to the video, it is completely silent…

But upon playback, the white noise or hiss begins once the audio track starts up and you can hear it in the background along with the music.

I’m not sure if it’s possible to remove this faint hiss at this point, but I’d like any opinions or input. The music track itself does not have the white noise, and yet the white noise returns with the music track… :frowning:

You should be able to remove it with [u]Noise Reduction[/u]. If the noise is truly faint it should work pretty well. But, sometimes you can get artifacts (side-effects) with noise reduction so it’s something you have to try, to make sure the cure isn’t worse than the disease.

I didn’t know VLC has a denoise filter… Audacity’s Noise Reduction requires a “noise fingerprint” (noise profile) of noise-only and if the VLC effect has made that difficult or impossible you may need to start-over with the original audio.

The music track itself does not have the white noise, and yet the white noise returns with the music track… > :frowning:

I’m not sure what that means… The only time I’ve seen noise “come back” after Noise Reduction has worked is with 8-bit audio where you get the return of quantization noise. With video, you wouldn’t have 8-bit audio…

Try to make sure the noise isn’t being generated in your soundcard during playback… Sometimes you’ll get noise under some conditions (such as accessing your hard drive) and there’s nothing wrong with the audio (or audio/video) file.

Or, maybe your video editor is doing something strange…

Having the same issue and it’s maddening.
NR is always set 28-30, as I’m working in a standard room with sound blankets. However lately I’ve noticed a very faint hiss in a few recordings that otherwise would be clean; like most of my finished chapters. Even reached out to ACX about this, as it involves an audiobook I’m currently recording. But so far zero response from their said Tech team.

No way I can go over NR 32 without getting the ‘noise floor too low’ error