Failed to read the file in drive

I had a recent Audacity project that inexplicably dropped several files. I figured it was time for an upgrade. Yesterday I upgraded to Audacity 3.0 and started over with my .wav file.
Last night, I saved it as a new .aup file on my SD card. I was making changes to it today (it was playing fine) and I saved it often as I worked. When went to export my edited version as .wav, it gave me an error that it could not read the drive.

I did the following troubleshooting, but I continually receive the same ‘Failed to read the file in drive…’ error.

I tried to save as project under different name (as .aup file). I tried ‘back up file’. I even tried to export as MP3 instead of .wav
The program froze, I eventually closed it and I tried to recover the files when prompted, but received the same error.
I tried to open the original .aup file from last night, with the same error.
I tried saving my original .aup file in a new folder on the computer, and on an external SD card (128gb- plenty of room), then restarted the computer.

I cannot even open the original .aup file from yesterday (which opened fine this morning) and I am continually getting the error: Failed to read the file in drive, no matter where the file is located.
Any advice or help would be appreciated.

So the new version of Audacity does not play well with FAT32 formatted drives, which probably includes your SD card.

For some insights as to why, see here.

As for your original .aup file, be sure that that file and the associated directory are both contained within the same directory. You should have “MyProject.aup” and “MyProject_data” together in the same directory. If you have renamed either of them or both, rename them back.

I hope this helps. :smiley:

Even if the problem is not related to FAT, flash drives are much less reliable than hdd or ssd. I would always recommend working on internal drives (hdd or ssd) and only use flash drives for copies.

Thank you, I’ll look at my drive format and go from there.
I appreciate the help!