failed to read from a file in C.

I watched videos on Youtube and read everything on here but I still cant export my 11-minute audio. Ive had no problem exporting this same project into a .WAV file until yesterday. Could it be that my One Drive just kicked in randomly?

If your project is on One Drive, then that is very likely to be the problem.

so i lost the file forver?

Can you open the project in Audacity?
Does the project play?

yes the file opens ands plays fine. I even tried saving the project by different names and saving it to my desktop.

Good - does that copy work OK?

The project that I saved to my desktop is failing to be exported too. Everything plays well but I cant get the audio online for my podcast.

Can you export it to your “Desktop” folder like this:

  1. Launch Audacity (if it was already open, quit and then launch it again)
  2. “File menu > Open” and select the version of the project that is on your Desktop.
  3. “File menu > Export > Export as WAV” and name the new file “test.wav”

What happens?

I followed your steps and after 15 seconds of elapsed time I got an error message “failed to read from a file in C still.”

How big is the “_data” folder?

Thanks for all yor help by the way Steve!
The size of the data file is blank but the project size is 194 kb. Both the data file and the project are saved on my desktop and playing correctly.

Do you know how to make a ZIP archive? If so, make a ZIP containing both the “.aup” file and the “_data” folder. Upload the ZIP file to somewhere that I can access it (for example, share it via dropbox or Google Drive or similar).
I’m thinking that there may be an error in the data - if there is then I should be able to reproduce the problem here, and hopefully recover most of the project.

While you are building that zip archive, here’s a couple of thoughts; sorry if they’ve been mentioned before:

  1. Try your export with no special characters in the name, e.g., “xyz”
  2. Try saving a smaller version of the file, with just say 1 second of audio. (Export Select)
  3. For additional thoughts see here:

I finally built those files.

You need to make the file available to anyone with the link. Currently it can’t be downloaded.

the file is now available. thank you again

I’ve downloaded the AUP and _data folder.
The project opened successfully, and here it is playing:

Perhaps worth doing a health check on your computer disk. Is it a hdd, SSD or something else?

Awesome! I will say that I had no issue with it playing. I was just having trouble exporting it…

and I’m using an HDD

Can you export this file so I can upload this episode on my podcast, please?

There was some data corruption in track 3 somewhere around 2:30. I had to remove a short section from that track to be able to export a mix.
I’ve uploaded the export here (mind the adverts, it’s an ad supported service)
16-bit WAV format, 112.91MB

Thank you so much for helping me upload this episode! Can I send you a hat for helping support my podcast?