Fading the same amount of time of multiple clips


I’m using Audacity 2.1.3, and I’ve encountered a problem where the beginning and end of every single one of my clips has a pop. The best solution I found to deal with this, since click removal doesn’t work, is to fade in and out every clip, but only a very short amount of each clip. I figured out that you can use chains to apply an effect to several different clips, so I tried using AdjustableFade, but I couldn’t find any parameters for fading only a fraction of a second of a clip. Is there any way to fade the same amount of several clips using Audacity?

I wonder if you are fixing the actual problem. Why do your clips all have a click at the end? (it’s not ‘normal’ for clips to click at the end). Do they perhaps suffer from DC offset? (http://manual.audacityteam.org/man/dc_offset.html)

I’ll check that article and see what I can do, but first, allow me to provide some more relevant information: the pops appeared after I switched from my 2.5mm headphone, which doesn’t pick up my voice well, to my USB headphone, which picks up my voice well but also picks up noise and the click of my mechanical keyboard. I thought at first it was the keyboard, but apparently it is not.

If it isn’t DC offset, there is a primitive fade in/out at http://wiki.audacityteam.org/wiki/Nyquist_Effect_Plug-ins#Fade_In_and_Out that lets you specify the fade region so you could use it in a Chain applied to files. See Installing Nyquist plug-ins.


That sounds perfect. I tried all methods of removing DC Offset, and none of them removed the clicks, so I’ll try this next.

Okay, I managed it, and it works well. The only problem now, however, is that all of my audio clips are 3 frames (out of 30 fps) longer than the corresponding video that I took the audio from. Is there a way to remove the same amount of time from multiple clips, like with a chain? I can’t find an effect for that. Or is there some video to audio converter I can use that doesn’t add frames?

You did not say these clips were for a syncing to a video. :wink: Why are the faded clips longer than the video? Fade in and Out does not change the length.

Are you exporting as WAV? If you export as MP3 it adds silence padding. AAC does the same.

If you want to stay with lossy audio to keep the video file size as now, it is probably best to try editing the audio in a video editor.