Fading Out Volume Gradually to 40%


I am trying to figure out how to gradually adjust the volume of a track from full volume to a level about 40% so I can add a
narration track over it. Then when the narration is done, I will need to fade it gradually back to full volume.

Can anyone explain how I can do this?

I have used the “Amplify” effect but I can’t figure out how to do it gradually.


Hi scott,

I think you need to use the envelope tool which is located pretty much below the edit menu. Heres a cut and paste from one of the tutorials

Envelope button (the inverted triangles with the horizontal blue line between them, located in the top left toolbar) to differentiate the gain in various sections of the song. Clicking the newly-created envelope creates handles, or “control points” that you can then drag to raise or lower the volume between nodes. You can create as many control points as you’d like for maximum volume flexibility.

hope this helps