fade out / fade in arround a cursor point ?

Hello all,
Maybe you can help me!!
I’m discovering macros (scripts in the tutorial I saw “Le PC Libre” on ytb) and it’s very practical :slight_smile:
However, I don’t know if you can do this:

I’m doing edited associative radio interviews and I’m wondering how we could do after deleting a sound beat a fade-in fade-out before the cursor then fade-in after and this automatically with a keyboard shortcut For example ?

For the moment I do all that manually but it’s between 10 and 30 manipulations per sound and it’s quite time-consuming, it’s not that I’m lazy but if there was a solution I would be interested!

To your good heart M’sieur Dames :slight_smile:
Audacity 3.2.4

Say your track is:
where you want to retain AAA… and BBB… and delete xxx…
Do you want AAA… to fade out, then BBB… to fade in, or do you want to crossfade from AAA… to BBB…?

How long do you want the fades / crossfade to be (in seconds)?

Oh thank you so much Steve for your answer!
Yes that’s it : “AAA… to fade out, then BBB… to fade in,” !!!
I just did a manual test and on average I take 0.040 S before (for the fade out) and after (for the fade in) but it can be a little less. The whole being that the sound does not jump when you “stick” the 2 pieces! So they come together well at O db (it’s really db?!).
If we can configure something like when I cut the sound too much I make a keyboard shortcut? That’s what I’ll definitely be looking for :slight_smile:
If you have a solution I’m a taker :slight_smile:
to read you

well at O db (it’s really db?!).

0dBFS (zero decibels full scale) is the “digital maximum”. The scale on the left goes from -1 to +1 and you can think of that as 100% positive and 100% negative. A wave that peaks at +/-1 has peaks of 0dB.

Pure silence has a digital amplitude of zero (a flat line) and that’s minus infinity dB. When there is a wave, there is a zero-crossing twice per cycle.

dB SPL (Sound Pressure Level) is the acoustic loudness in the air and the 0dB SPL reference is approximately the quietest sound that can be heard so SPL levels are positive numbers. The two are correlated but not calibrated… If you reduce the digital level by 3dB, the SPl also drops by 3dB, etc.

Hey thank you DVDdoug for this very technical explanation I saw that we could see/read the timeline in 2 different ways but I’m not there yet in my science of sound :wink: for the moment I use Audacity for set up interviews for an associative radio but who knows how much I love electro :slight_smile:))
I feel like Steve had a lead for my question I can’t wait to read it and I will gain a lot in productivity if there is a solution to my question! Good evening (from France!)

Maybe a way with “FonduAjustable” in the macro effects
But afetr many try i don’t find the good entries to write in the parameters edition…
wait and see tomorow !
Good night

Ola it’s good I found after trying a lot of settings!
I’m posting a picture maybe it can help someone else :

See you soon !

This macro deletes the selected audio, then applies 20 ms (0.02 seconds) fades before and after the deleted section.
Delete and Fade.txt (224 Bytes)
To create a shortcut for applying the macro, see: https://manual.audacityteam.org/man/keyboard_preferences.html