Extreme Echo on Podcast

I know there are other posts about echo/reverb removal, but this is an extreme case, so I thought there might be additional advice that could be offered - My file has an echo that is so bad it sounds like two people speaking. It is a stereo file, and both channels contain the echo. I will be converting it to 64kbps mono mp3, if that’s any help. I have attached a couple seconds of the file. I am using Audacity 3.0.0 on a Win 10 box.

Thanks in advance!

We still can’t remove echoes.

Echoes are a special case. Echoes are the performer’s voice bouncing from a wall (for example) and arriving at the microphone slightly later than the main voice. You’re asking the software to remove the voice from itself.
Transmission errors (Zoom, Skype) can take this to a whole different level. Any errors can contain the delays of the whole conference. That can give you half-second to one second echoes. That’s what may have happened to you.

Was this a Zoom interview? How did you do it?

It is Strongly Recommended that you get Zoom to record it for you whether or not you plan on recording it yourself. You can totally do a good job of recording it yourself, but it’s not a button push and the Zoom recording can be a desperation move. Yes it has Zoom Voice, but it works.

It’s also strongly recommended that everybody avoid Hands-Free. Doesn’t have to be actual headphones. I listened to a news show/podcast the other day and the voices were a lot clearer and higher quality than in earlier shows. I looked closely and everybody was wearing black, wired earbuds except one and that one voice was echoey, sloppy, and recording in the bathroom.


The first voice is wearing black earbuds, There’s a little live room in there, but that’s about it. The second voice is fully hands-free.