Extreme choppiness when recording (EMU 1212m soundcard)

Hi. So I just installed an EMU 1212m soundcard and I’m having some issues. When trying to record with Audacity I get an extreme, fast choppiness. It doesn’t seem to matter if I’m recording at 96khz or 44. I have routed the WAVE L/R out from the soundcard to record via Wave into Audacity. It monitors okay, but the recordings are bad. Any ideas? Trying to record a pair of unbalanced cables through the soundcard. Using the Spdif coaxial output of the card if that matters. Inputs are obviously analog. Thanks in advance!

What is that connected to?

I “fixed” it by using ASIO drivers and recording with Cockos Reaper. Couldn’t get it to work in Audacity. And the SPDIF was just connected to my stereo system.

Audacity does not ship with ASIO support enabled due to licensing restrictions, however, the problem may just be a matter of sample rate. S/PDIF usually uses 48000 Hz (48 kHz) sample rate, unless it is specifically for a CD player (in which case it is usually 44100 Hz / 44.1 kHz). Sound card drivers will usually NOT resample audio data from S/PDIF, so the equipment must be set up to use the same sample rate throughout. If you still want to use Audacity with this set-up, try setting the sample rate throughout to 48000 Hz.