Have extracted number of radio transcriptions from mp3 to CD. Each program is 30 minutes(±). Now I would like to copy a song or speech from the program for other use.Possible? Thanks, I am an ancient tyro.

Sure. You have the “original” MP3s, right? *

Just select/highlight the part you want. You can simply click & drag over the part you want after listening to “find” it in the waveform… I usually select a little extra and trim later.

Then File → Export → Export Selected audio to make a new file from the selection. If you are going to do any further editing, export your “working file” as WAV. (MP3 is lossy compression and you should minimize the number of times you re-compress.)

Or, you can select/highlight the part you don’t want and hit the Del key.

If you get a “click” where you cut, you can add a very-short (a few milliseconds) fade-in and/or fade-out, or you can make longer fades if you wish.

There’s more than one way to do things… [u]Navigating and identifying audio for editing[/u].


  • It’s an extra step if you need to “rip” the files from an audio CD.