Extracting audio with labels using chains

Hello, everyone!

I need to get the choruses of 300 songs. How can I do that using chains?

I’ve tried adding all songs into one project, labelling each and doing “Export multiple” but the only options available was to export using labels or tracks. Neither weren’t able to get the choruses.

Thanks in advance!

Audacity has no idea what the difference is between a verse and a chorus. I don’t know of any program that can do that.

Okay, I’ll rephrase my question.

How can I extract labelled audio using chains?

I have 300 songs with labels on it and I want extract them by label without doing it manually.

Unfortunately you can’t do that with Audacity because Chains do not support “Export Multiple” and don’t support “Analyze” effects.
It “may” be possible to automate the process using a third party application such as AutoHotkey (https://autohotkey.com/). I don’t use Windows so I’m not able to help with using AutoHotkey, but I’ve done similar things on Linux using “Autokey” (the Linux equivalent of AutoHotkey). One tip that may be helpful for writing an AutoHotkey script - insert pauses between each command to allow Audacity enough time to perform each operation.

It won’t help, but Chains do support Analyze effects. It isn’t useful when applying the Chain to files, because Audacity just selects all the file.


My mistake, I forgot that had been added, though it still does not help in this case because Export Multiple is not supported by Chains.