EXtracting audio from mkv

New to forum.

Have an mkv file from which I would like to extract the audio track, preferably to flac. Where might I find a detailed procedure?

Thanks in advance.

You will need to install FFmpeg: http://manual.audacityteam.org/man/installing_and_updating_audacity_on_windows.html#winff

Matroska (MKV) is a container format, so it is not guaranteed that FFmpeg will be able to decode the contents, but for a ‘normal’ MKV file, once you have FFmpeg installed, it’s just a matter of:

  1. Launch Audacity
  2. Import the MKV file (For Audacity 2.2.0: “File menu > Import > Audio”)
  3. Export as FLAC (For Audacity 2.2.0: “File menu > Save Other > Export Audio”)

Or drag’n’drop the MKV file into Audacity window …