Extracted file to mp3 but no audio/sound

hey, i seem to be having a bit of a problem with my audacity. I was recording something with audacity, the playback sounded fine, so i extracted it. But when i played the mp3 version, it had no sound at all. So what should i do?

I assume you mean “exported”?

What version of Audacity are you using?

How are you playing the file? Windows Media Player? etc.? Can you play other MP3 files? (Maybe the MP3 is OK but something changed on your computer?)

What happens when you re-open the MP3 in Audacity? Do you see the waveform? If so, does it play in Audacity?

oops, yeah sorry i meant “exported”. i played it with KMPlayer and Windows Media Player too. It seems to have audio when i import it to audacity, but still no sound when i played it on WDM or any other app.

It “seems to” ???

So again, can you play other known-good files or did something get messed-up on your computer?

Did you record from some kind of USB audio device? For example, sometimes you plug-in a USB turntable and then Windows tries to play-back through that “new” audio device instead of from the regular speakers. If that’s the problem you can simply unplug the USB device or change your Windows audio settings.

Oh yes thank you, i unplugged the usb audio device and the mp3 file now has the audio in it. Thanks for your help!

What if there are no waveforms in the MP3 when I reopen it in Audacity?