Extract lyrics from music

I’ve heard so many remixes where they’ve somehow extracted the lyrics from a song perfectly, and then placed it on top of their remix. Does anyone know how? That stereo inversion method doesn’t seem to be reliable enough.

You mean the vocals?
Such as? Point to an example.


Really bad remix, but it’s the most recent example I’ve heard.

By definition it won’t remove vocals if they are not panned centre. Try a plug-in: http://wiki.audacityteam.org/wiki/Vocal_Removal_Plug-ins .


I’m using extra boy now, but the vocal isolation preset doesn’t work well enough, and it’s a little too advanced for me. Anyone know how to use it?

Did you download the Manual from http://www.elevayta.com/product13.htm ?

That says:

‘Extra-cate!’ This parameter performs an inverse operation such that audio removal from with the ROIs (Region of Interest) can be converted to audio isolation.

‘Isolate’ Available only in 1D mode. When activated, only the audio in the frequency spectrum contained between ‘High Cut’ and ‘Low Cut’ is heard. Using ‘Isolate’ on its own enables ‘Extra Boy Pro’ to be used as a band-pass filter.


Hmm… it seems I overestimated extra boy. What a ripoff!


EPIC FAIL. Why didn’t I think of this first? I should’ve known. Welp, I won’t be needing any more help with this.

PS, Who knew artists released acapella versions? Not complaining, just, why?