Extra effect for Chorus...

What technology can I use, or sort of Audacity effect is available to have my voice stand out from the two or three verses already recorded over the tracks. It’s a rap song, and there’s always this effect out of most, if not all, rap songs I’ve heard. I don’t know what the name of this effect of, it almost sounds like an echo.Also, what’s the best USB microphone to use? Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for reading.

<<<what’s the best USB microphone to use?>>>

We have a Blue Snowball and it works and sounds pretty good. Many people use the Samson U01 and U03.

You should use a blast screen if you’re going to sing loudly into a microphone…


The microphone is almost never the problem if you can’t get your song to work right. Most people get killed by a room with wall and ceiling echos and noise in the street outside. You can’t get rid of a MetroBus or echoes by using post production software.

You can’t get rid of computer noise either. One of the problems with USB microphones is you can’t ever get more than six feet away from the computer. Fan noise is a big problem.

<<<there’s always this effect out of most, if not all, rap songs I’ve heard.>>>

Like what? Post a link. Most successful songs are recorded as separate tracks and the editor puts it all together in a post production session with good speakers or headphones. If you try to do it all live, you lose the ability to fine tune the performance. Club recordings are the exception, but they’re impossible for normal people to record and make sound right.

Audacity will not do anything in real time but record and playback, so you can’t apply a filter while you’re recording.


Hm…for some reason that message didn’t come out the way I thought it did. I was more exhausted than I thought when I typed it out, it seems. What I meant by effects is the echo or subtle voice change that’s usually in a chorus in a rap song. That’s the effect I was talking about, and I was wondering if I’d be able to duplicate it with just Audacity, and if not what other equipment I needed. Also, thanks for the information on the microphone and other sound techniques.I think you’ve definitely pointed me in the right direction.

If you can point us to a good example of what you mean someone may be able to identify the effect and tell you how to do it.

To create an echo, use the “Echo” effect :open_mouth: