External decks, mixer, laptop & speakers with audacity?

Hi there guys,

I’m new to the forum here and I have hunted high and low for the answers to my question. I’ve read nearly every “DJ IO” post already in the forum and still can’t quite yet get the right info - I’m 'avin a mare! :astonished:

At the moment I have a working set up with:

  1. 2 Numark NDX800 Decks
  2. 1 Numark M4 Mixer
  3. Numark DJ IO soundcard
  4. external amp (using speakers/subwoofer)
  5. Dell laptop using Traktor sofware

Right now, having read that list again, I’m starting to convince myself that recording with set up will not be possible with audacity :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

At the moment I do have some recording capabilities as I can record a mix and play it again from my laptop through speakers (however not within the DJ set up, have to disconnect my laptop and aux it to the speakers directly or other speakers). More importantly, the record quality is very poor and I’m definite it’s simply recording through the mic built into my laptop.

Having read an array of mixed advice online - I’ve fiddled all the preferences and input/output options to almost every combination to no avail. Please someone help me because I just want to mix and record using audacity!

Thank you from a Forum Virgin

No mention of Audacity - where does that fit in?
What exactly does the Traktor software do? Are you trying to record the output from Traktor?

Hi there sorry,

I’m using the Audacity Software 2.0.3

I’m simply using the traktor software to load tracks into the two decks as opposed to using CDs (far more time consuming etc)

I don’t use Traktor or any Numark DJ equipment, so I’m still not sure what you mean.
Where is the sound that you want to record coming from, and how does that sound get into your computer for recording?

My mixer has two outputs: 1 that goes to an external amp/speaker (master output) and one that I plug straight into my laptops headphone input using an RCA 1/8th inch cable (record output). I have also tried switching the output type so my record output goes to speakers and my master output goes into my laptop but this doesn’t seem to work either.

My sound card is then connected to my PC via USB and has a connection to each deck.

The sound I want to record is coming out of the speaker system (I also can hear it through my headphones obviously to mix, which are plugged into the mixer itself, NOT the laptop or sound card despite there being a headphones slot on the soundcard). To my knowledge, the sound coming out of my speakers isn’t getting into my computer via any means.

Mixer master output —> external amp/speaker system
Mixer Record output —> headphone jack on laptop using RCA 1/8th inch

Deck A —> Sound card DJ IO <— Deck B [sound card connected to laptop via USB]
Deck A and B —> laptop via USB

When I complete the set up I believe it is which is: output = speakers/headphones and input = line (numark USB Audio) which it is! I get the error message saying the input device settings are wrong

If it helps, when I open audio device info. it tells me my "Line In (Numark USB Audio) [my sound card) has zero supported rates. which obviously isn’t true because if it had no supported rates it wouldn’t work as a soundcard!

It seems my signal mapping within my computer is confused because it doesn’t know whether to record the sound coming from the sound card or the sound coming in via the headphone jack. My laptop doesn’t have a mic jack because it has a built in mic. , I thought switching it to this might help but there isn’t one

That’s easy, there is no sound whatsoever coming into the computer via your headphone jack, because it is an output jack as opposed to an input.

If I am reading you correctly, you are not going to be able to record your mixes with the current setup, since your usb soundcard outputs discrete audio tracks from tractor, that are then fed unmixed from the soundcard into your purely analogue mixer. The master outs are currently not going anywhere near the computer.

What soundcard exactly do you have, and does it have any line in connections?

Edit: OK, I see you have already provided that info above:

Numark DJ IO soundcard

As I see it you are going to need a second audio interface with a line in connection to use as a recording device you can plug your mixer’s spare master out into.

However, can you confirm when you are cueing tracks with your headphones they are plugged into the mixer as opposed to your DJ IO?

Having answered your questions I have come to the realisation that frankly I was being pretty stupid using the headphone jack! And indeed, at the moment there is no output getting anywhere near my computer as you put it.

I am using the Numark DJ IO soundcard and correct; when cueing tracks my headphones are plugged directly into my mixer and not my soundcard

Actually thinking about this again a better option may be a bigger upgrade of your soundcard to find something not only with a line in but also 4 outputs, so you can map the Traktor remix decks to spare channels on your mixer.

I think that seems the only option considering the second output of my mixer is clearly not registering as I’ve used it in a headphone output slot (on my laptop) the whole time.

Is there any other way to connect my mixer output 2 into a laptop NOT using a 1/8th inch. In other words, is there an option to go from a red and white RCA to a usb? Maybe via a few converter cables?

Spending further money on another soundcard is frustrating considering I have only recently bought the DJ IO to use with traktor. All very pricey

Behringer UCA202.


Thanks but that does the same as the one I already have, the DJ IO. I just need a way of gettin my output to my computer because atm my 2 decks use all the available outputs on the soundcard

Another option would be if you have a CD/DVD recorder etc, in the house, you can send the master output from the mixer straight into that, burn a CD with your mixes and then rip digitally via your laptop’s CD drive.

Afterwards your can clean it up, do fades etc in Audacity.

It is not the most elegant solution but it will work.

Could you clarify that.
What outputs are available on the 2 decks and where/what are they connected to?

If I am reading him correctly his decks are connected by usb to the computer where the functionality (jog wheels, pitch control, etc) act as a sort of midi controller for tracks otherwise played via Traktor.

Traktor then sends the virtual decks to the 2 outputs on his soundcard, that are then fed into separate channels on his analogue mixer.

There may be some confusion because his decks can also be used as CD players and have line outs for that purpose, but that is not the way he is going.

That is the issue that needs clarifying.
We’ve had several users with Traktor software and CD decks that have had trouble recording their mixes, but I don’t think that question has ever been answered, so we are unable to help them.

This is the same as my current sound card. I just need and output from the card that goes to an input ony laptop. However my laptop has no input jacks at all! So im kinda stumped :frowning: