Extending the Same Music Track without a Break in between ? How?

So there is this Audio File which I want to create a Ringtone out of it. I have extracted the Part of the Song which I want to use as a ringtone but I want to extend it by extending the same tune longer but without the Break in between. When I just copy the selection and paste it in the end, there is a break in between the two files like not a silence, but a Break which anyone can find out. My question is how do I have the same track extended and play in a loop for longer without any break between the original and the copied extension ?

You should be able to zoom-in and trim-off any silence at the beginning or end.

If you are starting with MP3s, note that MP3 adds a short bit of silence to the beginning & end so you’ll have to trim that off after importing the MP3 into Audacity.

You’ll get a better splice if you cut & splice at the zero crossings or better yet a short crossfade makes a smooth transition.

Holy Cow ! That is some Technical Stuff which I have no idea how to go about ? How do I learn how to use Zero Crossings and Crossfade in my project for the goal I am trying to achieve ? Any further explanation ?

I will tell you what steps did I carry out so the Original Clip I had I did a select all and then pasted it just after the OG Clip just behind it and then I want to merge this files without the break in Tempo, without the beats not matching which is happening right now, because the first clips ends and the second starts. I dont think Crossfade is working and fits in this scenario. So what do I do ?

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