extend or contract a clip start/end?

seems hard to believe but i haven’t found this yet in audacity. probably just don’t have the right terminology but let’s suppose i’ve got a bunch of clips on a track with gaps between them. let’s also suppose that one of these clips has been too aggressively trimmed and is chopping off the beginning of a word. how do i extend the clip to the left to reveal the chopped off part? likewise, how do i do the same for the end of a clip? all of the examples i’ve found so far seem to assume all cutting is done perfectly the first time and never needs to be adjusted. sadly, not the case here.


If you did the trimming yourself and if you kept the original file you can start over.

Or if you are working on an Audacity project you MIGHT be able to Edit - Undo. And, it’s best if you do that right-away.

But if the audio is gone, it’s gone.

if this is dvddoug from the reaper forum, hi! and thanks for the info. sounds like a pretty major limitation. audacity is, in essence then, a destructive editor. bummer. i’ll have to be more careful.

thanks again,

Yes, though you could also describe it as a “sample editor” or “WYSIWYG” editor (which hint at the benefits and not just the limitation) :wink:

As well as “Undo”, there is another exception.
If you “enable cut lines” in “Preferences > Tracks > Track Behaviors”, then “Cut” audio from within a track is not gone forever, it is just “hidden”. The Cut can be undone by clicking on the cut line.
(Note that this only applies to “Cut” within a track, and not “Delete”)
See: Tracks Behaviors Preferences - Audacity Manual