Extend a track for echo effect

I have an Echo effect I added here for all tracks, starting at the 2 second mark. However, since the first track ends just past the 4 second mark, the echo decay ends abruptly on that track. How can I extend the track so the decay is better?
Extend Track.png

Put the cursor at the end and then Generate-> Silence. You can add more silence than you need and then trim or fade-out later.

I was able to add the Silence, but the echo/decay still ends abruptly on that track in the same location.

Selection has to include the silent area when applying the echo/reverb.


How about muting the the track with abrupt cut-off on the echo.

Mix down all tracks to a new track.

Put echo on the new track and mix with individual tracks.

OR Duplicate all tracks and put echo on each duplicate. So you have dry side and a wet side, mix and place anywhere in the stereo picture.